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Booking Date :23/03/2022
Consignee Name :VINAY RAMOJU
Delivery Date :
Status :In transit
Destination :USA 🇺🇸
Forwarding No:
Shipment Travel History for AWB No: 6000038533
 Date/Time Activity Location
26/03/2022 11:44PREPARING FOR DISPATCH TO USAHyderabad
25/03/2022 14:22Shipment Hold Hyderabad
24/03/2022 12:10Shipment HoldHyderabad
24/03/2022 10:45Shipment Received Hyderabad
23/03/2022 19:10Sorted to DestinationRajahmundry
23/03/2022 14:45Shipment Received Rajahmundry
23/03/2022   13:20Booking shipment Rajahmundry